New Album Coming this Fall!

From "Undreamed Shores"-- first song I wrote for the new album!  

From "Undreamed Shores"-- first song I wrote for the new album!  

Robert Frost said, "A poem begins as a lump in the throat."

So do songs. And I've got a few on the way. Enough for a whole album, as it turns out. At the heart of this new album is not just a lump in my throat but a full-on wail. I've experienced a few Big Changes in recent years, many involving loss. I don't like those kinds of changes. But I can't stop them from happening, any more than I can stop a river from flowing. The process of becoming whole is messy and sometimes painful. But sometimes glorious and beautiful, too.

So I'm writing songs about change: our resistance to it and the work it does in us. The reasons not to fear it. The unexpected acts of grace we experience in the midst of it. And most of all, about the faithfulness of God--the author and finisher of our faith--who is committed to transforming and perfecting us all along the way. 

So far, the working title is "To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores" -- I love the imagery it evokes of our lives as a moving body of water. Lots of song ideas are coming and I'm trying to write them as I receive them. Can't wait to share more SOON!